Teak Wood Furniture Care

Teak wood furniture is mainly crafted in Indonesia and the teak wood is grown in water. The teak wood can be very oily, and the teak wood needs to be properly kiln dried before it is assembled into furniture. If the teak is not properly kiln dried then after the furniture is assembled, the teak wood can split and crack. Well-made teak furniture will not crack, and the joints will not come apart.  Teak wood furniture can be left to age and weather on its own or it can be oiled to keep that natural look. If you choose to let the teak wood furniture age and weather, then keeping it clean is important. This can be achieved by wiping the furniture down with a wet rag once in a while to remove the surface dirt or by hosing it off periodically. If you choose to oil the teak, find a suitable teak oil and make sure when you apply it, that you wipe off any excess and clean up really well which includes disposing of the rags in a proper manner as recommended by the manufacturer of the teak oil.

If the teak wood was previously finished, then the process for refinishing the teak wood is pretty simple and straightforward. First, the teak wood needs to be cleaned. If the teak wood is not super dirty, you can clean the teak wood by using a 3M pad and diluted Simple Green. Wipe it clean with a dry rag and remove any surface dirt or oil build up. Once the teak wood is clean, sand the teak wood with 120 grit sandpaper, to smooth out the surface and give the finish a good surface to adhere to. Clean off the surface with a clean rag and then apply your finish of choice, ideally the same finish that was used prior, so it matches, and the adhesion is correct between the old finish and the new finish.

Teak wood can always be restored back to its natural beauty and state. First, the teak wood needs to be cleaned using a 2-step teak cleaner. You can purchase this teak cleaner at a local marine store like West Marine. Use the 2-step cleaner to remove all of the dirt, grime, pollutants, etc. from the teak wood and then let it dry properly. Teak wood dries rather quickly so once the teak wood is dry, it can be sanded to smooth out the grain and the roughness that occurs after it is cleaned. Use an 80-grit sandpaper first to knock down the grain and then use a 120-grit sandpaper to make the teak wood smooth and ready for finish. Once the teakwood is cleaned and sanded, apply your finish of choice to it to maintain the natural color or leave it unfinished to let it go grey again naturally.